National University – Los Angeles Campus

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Program Name: National University – Los Angeles Campus

Address: 5245 Pacific Concourse Drive,Los Angeles, California 90045 (Map)


Program Type: University Based, Alternative

Online Classes Offered: Yes

Leads to:
Credential Only: Arabic, Chinese-Cantonese, Filipino-Tagalog, French, Hebrew, German, Hindi, Hmong, Korean, Turkish, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Russian, Khmer, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Farsi
MA + Credential: Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Turkish, Vietnamese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese-Mandarin, Punjabi, Japanese, Italian, Hmong, German, French, Hebrew, Filipino-Tagalog, Farsi, Chinese-Cantonese, Khmer

Application Accepted: Rolling Admission
(See program for specific dates)

Credentials Offered, based on background:
Preliminary Single Subject Credential (CA)
University Intern Teaching Credential (CA)

Application Fee: $60

Program Tuition:
Estimated Cost Per Credit hour/Unit: $416 (undergraduate)

Program Tuition Website:


Applicants must pass CSET (World Languages) prior to admission.

Language availability is largely dependent on those taught in local school districts.

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Published On: 2/17/2019 12:23:11 PM

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