Pima Community College

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Program Name: Pima Community College

Address: 4905 E. Broadway Blvd.,Tucson, Arizona 85709 (Map)

Website: https://www.pima.edu/programs-courses/credit-programs-degrees/education/teacher-education/elementary-secondary-post-degree.html

Phone: 520-206-5144

Email: [email protected]

Program Type: Other
Community College Program

Leads to:
Credential Only: Chinese-Mandarin, French, Spanish, German, German
AA + Credential: German, French, Chinese-Mandarin, Spanish

Credentials Offered, based on background:
Provisional Secondary Education (K-8 Or 6-12 Certificate) (AZ)

Application Fee: $

Program Tuition:
Estimated Cost Per Credit hour/Unit: $100 (undergraduate)

Program Tuition Website: https://www.pima.edu/programs-courses/gainful-employment/2015/gedt-52.html


Leads to the: Provisional Secondary Education, 6-12 Certificate

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