Initial License (Out-Of-Country) (DE)

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Initial License (Out-Of-Country) (DE)

The Initial License (Out of Country) is issued to an educator who holds licensure in another country and wishes to apply for a Delaware License.
License Valid for 3 Years
Employment: Not Required

State Information
State: Delaware
Contact Name: Department of Education – Certification
Contact Phone: 302-857-3388
Contact Email:
For more information please visit the state website:

Applicants will need to register and apply online for Delaware Licensure and Certification. The License allows one to teach in Delaware, and the Certificate identifies the subject(s) one may teach.

Candidates may apply for only one License but multiple Certificates.

Minimum Academic Background
In most states, teachers must have a minimum academic background for certification.
The following is required for this route:
BA Degree + Completed State Approved Teacher Education Program

Prior Certification: Must Hold Current (STATE) Certification

Basic Skills
In most states, teachers must verify basic skills in English (Reading and Writing) and Mathematics through coursework, exams, or degree evaluations.
The following is required for this route:

Official transcripts shall be forwarded directly from the issuing institution or by the applicant in an unopened, unaltered envelope.

An applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited 4 year college or university.

Teacher Preparation
In most states, teachers are required to complete training in education methods through a teacher program.
The following is required for this route:
State Approved Teacher Education Program
Student Teaching

Content Language and English Language Proficiency
In most states, teachers are required to submit evidence of content language proficiency and English language proficiency through coursework, exams, or degree evaluations.
The following is required for this route:

Content Language Proficiency:

Exam(s): Exams are language specific.

English Language Proficiency: Oral, Written, English Language Proficiency is determined by the employing school system.

Additional languages may be available. Contact DEEDS for guidance.

If ACTFL tests are not available in the content language, must meet one of the following:
1) Specialized education;
2) Approved Certification of Content Knowledge.

Applying to the State
In most states, teachers must apply to the state Individually or through their local School District, or Teacher Program Institution. Requirements for the application are outlined below:

Application Submission: Individual
Online at:

Copy of Academic Transcripts: Required

Copy of International Teaching License/Certificate/Credential: Required
Accepted with Transcript Evaluation

Copy of International Records: Required
Transcript Evaluation Required

Background Check
Varies by District

Renewal: Nonrenewable
All initial licensees must complete Delaware’s 3 year mentoring program. Educators who fulfill the program requirements will be moved to continuing licenses upon the expiration of their initial licenses.


The application is done online and there is no fee.

Processing time is estimated.
An individual does not need to send the transcripts on which the evaluation is based. Instead, the official evaluation report will substitute for the transcripts.

An official evaluation report should include the following:
-A course-by course evaluation of the candidate’s non-U.S. coursework as it compares to a four-year college or university program in the U.S.
-The semester-hour equivalent of each area of college-level study.
-A translation of course titles into the English language (if applicable).
-Verification of the completion of teaching certificate and practice/student teaching (if applicable).


*Please note that candidates who hold licensure/certification from Guam or Puerto Rico should see out of state.

Difficulty with the Online Application: It is not unusual for candidates with a non-U.S. educational background to have difficulty entering their college/university information. Therefore, candidates may need to contact the Department at 302-857-3388 for assistance in completing their applications.

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