Provisional Secondary Education (K-8 Or 6-12 Certificate) (AZ)

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Provisional Secondary Education (K-8 Or 6-12 Certificate) (AZ)

The Provisional Secondary Education Certificate is the Initial Teaching Certificate in Arizona. It authorizes the holder to teach the specific subjects for grades 6-12.
Certificate Valid for 3 Years
Not renewable, but may be extended to 3 years
Employment: Not Required

The following states may accept this route:
Out of state teachers need to apply for Reciprocal Provisional Teaching Certificate which is valid for 1 year and non-renewable .

State Information
State: Arizona
Contact Phone: 602-542-4367
Contact Email: [email protected]
For more information please visit the state website:

Applicant will be issued a 1 year Reciprocal Provisional Teaching Certificate.

Minimum Academic Background
In most states, teachers must have a minimum academic background for certification.
The following is required for this route:
BA Degree + Major in Content Language
BA Degree + Completed State Approved Teacher Education Program

Prior Certification: Must NOT have Current (STATE) Certification

K-8 teacher candidates must have (BA+ Major in Content Language)

As of 2016, No Basic Skills Exams Required

Teachers may complete an AZ teacher preparation program or 30 Semester hours of education courses including at least 8 semester hours of practicum.

Grades 6-12 teacher candidates may submit ACTFL test scores to waive the Major in Content Language.

Comparable out-of-state exams can only be used under the rules of Reciprocity. If applicant completes a teacher program he/she must take and pass appropriate NES or AEPA exams for teacher program. If applicant hold an Arizona Certificate, he/she must take the appropriate NES or AEPA exam(s) for the certificate or additional approved area for the application.

Teacher Preparation
In most states, teachers are required to complete training in education methods through a teacher program.
The following is required for this route:
State Approved Teacher Education Program
Student Teaching

Content Language and English Language Proficiency
In most states, teachers are required to submit evidence of content language proficiency and English language proficiency through coursework, exams, or degree evaluations.
The following is required for this route:

Content Language Proficiency:

Exam(s): Exams are language specific.

Course needed: 24 semester hours in the Content Language or MA from accredited institution in Content Language may be accepted in lieu of exam(s).
Accept Scores from Out of State

Additional Requirements for this route include the following:
Special Education:

Course needed: Through a TEP

United States Constitution:


Course needed: A college course is also accepted.

Teaching English As a Second Language:

Course needed: SEI 45 clock hours

Bilingual Authorization is required as
Structured English Immersion (SEI) Training only for those teaching in bilingual classes.

A. Verification of one (1) semester hour or fifteen (15) clock hours of state approved SEI training.
B. Verification of three (3) semester hours or forty-five (45) clock hours of state approved SEI training.

Applicant must pass NES Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Secondary


Applicant must hold a valid comparable certificate from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Applicants must submit a notarized copy of the certificate.


Applicant must verify 3 years of full-time teaching secondary education, 6-12. Submit a Verification of Teaching Experience form signed and completed by the District Superintendent or Personnel/HR Director to verify teaching experience.

Applicant must also be enrolled in a board approved teacher program in secondary education.


Have 30 semester hours of education courses including 8 semester hours of practicum in 7-12.


Have 2 years of varied full time teaching experience in 6-post-secondary. Applicant may substitute 8 semester hours practicum. Verification of Teaching Experience form is needed.


Valid out of state secondary teaching certificate.

Content Language Proficiency:

AEPA – Mandarin, French, German, Spanish


Certificate in National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (notarized).


ACTFL OPI/OPIc & WPT is required for all World Languages except, Spanish, German, French, or English.

ACTFL OPI/OPIc Passing Score:
–Advanced Low

ACTFL WPT Passing Score:
–Advanced Low

ACTFL scores are only valid for 2 years from the date the test was taken.

Native American Languages: A teacher’s language proficiency in a Native American language shall be verified on official letterhead by a person, persons, or entity designated by the appropriate tribe in lieu of the 24 semester hours of courses in that subject. No other language test may be substituted.

Arizona is home to more than 20 tribes and many indigenous languages are spoken. Certification may be available in the following languages: Navajo, Apache, Pai, Hopi, Maricopa, Paiute, Yaqui, Yuma, Zuni, Cocopa.

If you otherwise qualify for the certificate but are deficient in Arizona and/or U.S. Constitution you have 3 years under a valid teaching certificate to fulfill the requirement.

Applying to the State
In most states, teachers must apply to the state Individually or through their local School District, or Teacher Program Institution. Requirements for the application are outlined below:

Application Submission: Individual

School District Requirements:
Verification of Employment
Verification of Search for a Certified Teacher
Confirmation of Enrollment in Internship
Confirmation of Mentor

Copy of First Aid/Adult/Child CPR:

Copy of Tuberculosis Test Report: Required

Copy of Academic Transcripts: Required

Copy of International Teaching License/Certificate/Credential: Required
Accepted with Transcript Evaluation

Copy of International Records: Required
Transcript Evaluation Required

Background Check
Varies by District

Renewal: Nonrenewable
The Provisional Secondary Education is valid for 3 years and is non-renewable. It may be extended once for 3 years.

Application: Application for Certification

Form Mailing Address:
Arizona Department of Education
Teacher Certification
PO Box 6490
Phoenix, AZ 85005-6490

Processing time is estimated.

Additional $60 for each endorsement required

Valid Arizona IVA fingerprint card (plastic) issued after 1/1/08

Obtain a valid AZ DPS Identity Verified Print (IVP) fingerprint clearance card. Applicants may order an “IVP” packet by calling AZ DPS at (602) 223-2279.

Fingerprint Reciprocity:
Approved states for fingerprint reciprocity are:
Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Please submit all applicable official transcripts bearing the original seal or stamp of the registrar.

Teacher must agree to terms of certification.
The Provisional is transformed into the Standard Secondary 7-12. Requirements for the Standard Secondary 7-12 are

1. Applicants must hold the Provisional Secondary Education Certificate for a minimum of 2 years.

2. Applicants must have two years of verified full time teaching experience during the valid period of the provisional certification.

3. Applicants must provide verification of 3 semester hours of state approved SEI or Full ESL endorsement are exempt from the SEI endorsement.

4. Applicants must provide a valid IVP fingerprint card (plastic); or a photocopy of valid Arizona IVP fingerprint issued prior to 1/1/2008.

Scores 10 years or older will not be accepted.
Exams from other states will only be accepted under the rules of reciprocity.
Comparable out-of-state exams will be considered for Arizona Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT) status.

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