Teach Chinese In Arkansas (Arkansas Professional Pathway To Educator License) (AK)

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Teach Chinese In Arkansas (Arkansas Professional Pathway To Educator License) (AK)

The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) collaborates with Hanban and the University of Central Arkansas Confucius Institute (UCA CI) to offer the Teach Chinese in Arkansas program bringing Chinese language and culture to Arkansas schools. Hanban is a public institution affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education. The UCA CI is a non-profit, public organization working under the auspices of Hanban.
License Valid for 2 years
J-1 visa
Employment: Required

State Information
State: Arkansas
Contact Name: Michael Rowland
Contact Phone: 501-682-1146
Contact Email: [email protected]
For more information please visit the state website: http://www.arkansased.org/divisions/human-resources-educator-effectiveness-and-licensure/educator-licensure-unit/teach-chinese-in-arkansas

Minimum Academic Background
In most states, teachers must have a minimum academic background for certification.
The following is required for this route:
BA Degree + MA Degree

Each Chinese teacher in this program has a Master’s Degree in teaching Chinese as a Second Language.

As of 2016, No Basic Skills Exams Required

Teacher Preparation
In most states, teachers are required to complete training in education methods through a teacher program.
The following is required for this route:

Exam(s): One exam required.

Content Language and English Language Proficiency
In most states, teachers are required to submit evidence of content language proficiency and English language proficiency through coursework, exams, or degree evaluations.
The following is required for this route:

Content Language Proficiency:

Additional Requirements for this route include the following:

Mental Health Training: Required

Child Abuse: Required

Induction period of 2 years required to progress to next stage.

Applying to the State
In most states, teachers must apply to the state Individually or through their local School District, or Teacher Program Institution. Requirements for the application are outlined below:

Application Submission: Individual
Online at: https://www.ark.org/ade_nlpa/app/authorization.html

School District Requirements:
Verification of Employment
Confirmation of Mentor

Copy of Academic Transcripts: Required

Copy of International Records: Required
Transcript Evaluation Required
URL: http://langcred.org/resources/transcript-evaluation/?fwp_agency_accepted_by_states=arkansas

Background Check
Online at: http://www.arkansased.org/divisions/human-resources-educator-effectiveness-and-licensure/educator-licensure-unit/background-check-requirements

Renewal: Nonrenewable
Hanban and the UCA CI may provide funding and support for an additional year. Adding the third year is contingent upon approval of the UCA CI and the U.S. Department of State.

There is no fee to apply to the program; however, if admitted, will need to apply for the Provisional License ($75)

Program Fee Year One: $1200
Program Fee Year Two: $1200

Documentation of the completion of the following professional development, which may be obtained through the Arkansas IDEAS Portal, the applicant’s teacher education program, or other method of delivery approved by the Department under the Rules Governing Professional Development:
Two (2) hours of parental involvement;
Two (2) hours of child maltreatment training; and
Two (2) hours of teen suicide awareness and prevention.
Background check fees:
If your district runs the ASP online the cost is: ASP-$22 and FBI $16.50
b. If you go to a Live Scan and complete both the cost is: ASP-$22.50 and FBI $16.50 (it is a 50 cent fee for using credit or debit)
c. If you use the paper process the cost is: ASP-$25 and FBI $16.50
d. Child Maltreatment is $10 and must be mailed to DHS

Arkansas State Police, FBI and Child Maltreatment Central Registry background checks which includes Child Maltreatment Central Registry Background Check Form are required for first time licensure and all renewals. All paperwork for the required background checks may be secured through the Office of Educator Licensure, local school districts and Licensure Officers in the Education Departments of all Arkansas four year colleges/universities.

The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) in collaboration with Hanban and the University of Central Arkansas (UCA) Confucius Institute offer the Teach Chinese in Arkansas Program to bring Chinese language and culture to Arkansas schools. These Chinese teachers make a two-year commitment to teach in Arkansas, and each is issued an Arkansas teaching license through the Arkansas Professional Pathway for Educator Licensure (APPEL). They attend all APPEL training, including the three weeks of module training during both summers and Saturday training modules during both academic years, while teaching in Arkansas. Their Arkansas teaching license is to teach the Chinese language and culture in grades 7-12, but Chinese teachers may teach cultural enrichment classes to the lower grades.

For more information on the UCA Confucius Institute, please visit http://uca.edu/confucius/teach-chinese-in-arkansas.

See “Arkansas Professional Pathway to Educator Licensure (APPEL) Information” and “APPEL Application Checklist” for additional program information:

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