Type M Limited Certificate: Alaska Native Language/Culture (AK)

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Type M Limited Certificate: Alaska Native Language/Culture (AK)

The Limited Certificate is available to those who can demonstrate subject matter expertise and teaching competency as verified by the local school district, but do not have a bachelor’s degree because such a program is not sufficiently available. Such individuals may be eligible for a Limited Certificate in Alaska Native Language/Culture.

A Limited Certificate is valid only in the requesting district. The holder of a Limited Certificate may teach only in the area(s) of endorsement, as indicated on the Limited Certificate.
Employment: Required

State Information
State: Alaska
Contact Name: Sondra Meredith
Contact Phone: 907-465-8663
Contact Email: [email protected]
For more information please visit the state website: http://education.alaska.gov/TeacherCertification/typeM.html

The Certificate must be requested by the local school board, through its chief school administrator. The request must be accompanied by two letters of recommendation verifying the applicant’s length of experience and competency in the specialty field.

Minimum Academic Background
In most states, teachers must have a minimum academic background for certification.
The following is required for this route:

Prior Certification: Must NOT have Current (STATE) Certification

As of 2016, No Basic Skills Exams Required

Content Language and English Language Proficiency
In most states, teachers are required to submit evidence of content language proficiency and English language proficiency through coursework, exams, or degree evaluations.
The following is required for this route:

Content Language Proficiency:

For a Limited Certificate in Alaska Native language or culture, applicants must submit a resume demonstrating competency in an Alaska Native language or a minimum of four year’s experience involving an Alaska Native culture, as determined by the school district.

Alaska Native Languages: Inupiaq, Siberian Yupik, Central Alaskan Yup’ik, Alutiiq, Unangax, Dena’ina, Deg Xinag, Holikachuk, Koyukon, Upper Kuskokwim, Gwich’in, Tanana, Upper Tanana, Tanacross, Hän, Ahtna, Eyak, Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian

Applying to the State
In most states, teachers must apply to the state Individually or through their local School District, or Teacher Program Institution. Requirements for the application are outlined below:

Application Submission: School District

School District Requirements:
Verification of Employment
Two letters of recommendation.

Renewal: Nonrenewable

Application Fee unknown.

Districts may email the Teacher Certification Office at [email protected] to request an application from.

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