Emergency Teacher Certification (PA)

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An emergency permit is issued by the Department upon the request of the employing public school entity when a position has been advertised and no fully qualified and properly certificated applicant is available. The candidate for an emergency permit must have earned a bachelor’s degree from a state-approved college or university and must meet all other eligibility requirements.

Language: Latin|Pashto|Sanskrit|Slovak|Ukrainian|Romanian|Lithuanian|Farsi|Arabic|Chinese-Mandarin|French|German|Greek|Hindi|Italian|Japanese|Korean|Polish|Portuguese|Russian|Spanish|Turkish|Urdu|Vietnamese|Punjabi|Swahili|Hebrew|Greek (Modern)

State Information
State: Pennsylvania
Contact Name: Bureau of School Leadership and Teacher Quality
Contact Phone: 717-728-3224
Contact Email:
For more information please visit the state website: http://www.education.pa.gov/Teachers%20-%20Administrators/Certifications/Pennsylvania%20Certification/Pages/default.aspx#.VtITY_krKHs

Last updated on: January 27, 2020
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