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U.S. K-12 world language teachers seeking credentials must satisfy several requirements. In 2014, researchers at CLASSRoad, a non-profit organization for educational technology and world language professional development, secured funding from STARTALK and the National Foreign Language Center to create a dynamic website displaying simplified state requirements for world language teacher certification.

The LangCred team researched state requirements and procedures, then simplified the information and presented it in a searchable format on LangCred.org. Research team members have over 25 years combined experience in teaching, teacher credentialing, and program and website/data management and are passionate advocates for world language teacher certification.  Information was meticulously gathered from state education websites, teacher education programs, conversations with state certification agents and world language experts, and, in many cases, state laws or statutes governing teacher credentialing.  We understand and appreciate the complexities of teacher credentialing and created a specific rubric to standardize the incredible amounts of data gathered so that we could present the information in an organized and understandable format.

In most states, applicants need the minimum of a bachelor’s degree, basic skills in English (reading and writing) and Math, and a high level of oral and written proficiency in the world language they want to teach. Once these requirements have been met, applicants are encouraged to complete teacher training at a state-approved traditional or alternative teacher programs. Those with exceptional experiences, and/or out-of-state or out-of-country credentials, are encouraged to apply directly to state agencies for evaluation. Once an applicant satisfies requirements he/she may be issued a world language teaching credential, license, permit, or certificate. Each state has a unique name for teacher certification, so we label these, “routes”.

LangCred users can make an account, search, save and even compare credential routes. New in 2016 is the much-anticipated feature to search, save and compare teacher programs. Over 900 programs are featured on the site. Comprehensive lists of Basic Skills, English Language Proficiency, and transcript evaluation requirements are now available. Such resources are especially informative for those seeking a degree evaluation, or those assisting international students with foreign degrees. Teachers of the less commonly taught languages can participate and learn from peers on the LangCred community forum.

LangCred is continuously updating routes and teacher programs to provide accurate information to world language teachers.

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Funding for this Website was provided by the United States government through STARTALK, a program of the National Foreign Language Center at the University of Maryland.