Alternative Route to Certification (ID)

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There are district/charter Alternative Authorization options and non-traditional programs that lead to certification that allow a candidate to be the teacher of record while completing a certification program. For additional information about non-traditional programs, please access the dropdown below. For information regarding the district/charter Alternative Authorization options, visit the Alternative Authorizations page. Candidates pursuing an Alternative Certification Route are first issued an Interim Certificate (for Non-Traditions Candidates). This certificate is for individuals who are applying for their three-year interim certificate and need to complete one of the following non-traditional educator preparation programs: American Board of Certification for Teacher Excellence (ABCTE), College of Southern Idaho (CSI), Lewis-Clark State College (LCSC), or Teach for America (TFA). During the validity of the three (3) year interim certificate, the applicant is eligible to work in an Idaho school in the certificated/endorsed area indicated on the interim certificate under a mentor teacher. The applicant must meet all requirements listed for the specific certificate and endorsement areas during this time.

Language: ASL|Arabic|Chinese|Czech|French|German|Greek |Hebrew|Italian|Japanese|Korean|Latin|Persian|Portuguese|Russian|Slovak|Spanish

State Information
State: Idaho
Contact Name: Certification Department at the Idaho State Department of Education
Contact Phone: 208-332-6882
Contact Email: [email protected]
For more information please visit the state website:

Last updated on: March 5, 2021
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