Certificate Reciprocity Approach: Regional Exchange Teaching License (Out-Of-State) (IA)

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In Iowa the applicant may qualify for a teaching license if they demonstrate the completion of a full state-approved teacher preparation program for college semester hour credits from a regionally accredited institution outside Iowa, and when the coursework deficiencies were identified after a BoEE transcript review. Applicants who have completed non-traditional programs should contact the office before applying to determine eligibility. 

Applicants will convert to full licensure once the course deficiencies have been met. Additional application requirements include official transcripts, verification of program completion, a valid or expired teaching license from another state, verification of required assessments (if required), and experience verification (if applicable). The Iowa Board of Educational Examiners does not require applicants with three or more years of out-of-state teaching experience to complete assessments. Applicants with 10 or more years of experience, or five or more years of experience plus a master’s degree are not required to complete coursework deficiencies as long as our other requirements are met. 


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For more information please visit the state website: https://boee.iowa.gov/licauthorization/regional-exchange-teaching-license-out-state-applicants

Last updated on: May 27, 2021
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