Special Qualifications and Endorsement Route (NV)

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A special qualifications license may be issued to prospective educators who have a bachelor’s degree that meets specific coursework requirements and who have additional qualifications. This route allows an educator to teach a specific subject either at the grade level of their existing license, or at any grade level K-12, depending on the area of the endorsement. An endorsement in Native American Languages (Great Basin endorsement) may be also obtained by a non-license holder if they plan to teach alongside a certified teacher. For an endorsement in Bilingual Education, a provisional 1-year endorsement may be issued if there is a written assurance that the person will complete the missing courses of study by the end of the 1-year period for which the endorsement is valid. An additional endorsement for World Languages (other than Native American languages, or ASL) can only be added to an existing Standard teaching license.

Language: ASL|Arabic| Chinese-Mandarin|French|German|Hebrew|Italian|Japanese|Korean|Latin|Native American|Russian|Spanish|Tagalog|Turkish|Other

State Information
State: Nevada
Contact Name: State of Nevada Department of Education
Contact Phone: (775) 687-9115
Contact Email: [email protected]
For more information please visit the state website: http://www.doe.nv.gov/Educator_Licensure/Special_Licenses-Endorsements-Various_Grade_Levels/

Last updated on: November 6, 2020
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