Standard Teacher Certification Route (NM)

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Teachers who completed a traditional education program will follow the initial pathway for licensure. The initial level of certification in the traditional route is a provisional license, which is issued for a three-year period; Level II, a professional license is issued for up to a nine-year period; and Level III-A, a master teacher license, is issued for a nine-year period. Teachers may complete the Professional Development Dossier (PDD) application in order to advance from Level 1 to Level 2 and to advance from Level 2 to Level 3.

Language: French|German|Native American|Spanish

State Information
State: New Mexico
Contact Name: New Mexico Professional Licensure Bureau
Contact Phone: 505-827-5800
Contact Email: [email protected]
For more information please visit the state website:

Last updated on: November 13, 2020
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