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In the state of Kentucky, the certification seekers following the traditional route first earn the Statement of Eligibility (SOE), which allows them to find employment in a Kentucky school district and then apply for a Professional Teacher Certification that can be issued for 4 or 5 years, depending on the preceding certification. In addition, there are numerous alternative routes to qualify for the Professional Teacher Certification. The Professional Teacher Certification is assigned to ranks depending on the teacher’s background and experience. The lowest ranks are IV and V, which apply to those holding emergency certificates. Rank III is the starting rank for those holding regular certificates and who have an approved four-year college degree or the equivalent. Those holding regular certificates and who have a master’s degree in a subject field approved by the Education Professional Standards Board or equivalent continuing education are assigned Rank II. To achieve Rank 1, the teacher must hold a regular certificate, have a master’s degree in a subject area, and have earned thirty (30) semester hours of approved graduate work or equivalent continuing education; or those teachers who have met the requirements for Rank II and earned initial certification of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. For additional information about certification, please, consult the Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB) website.


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