New Hampshire

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In October 2020, the New Hampshire State Board of Education has adopted a revised set of administrative rules governing educator credentialing structure. The NH system has a 2-tier licensing system:  Beginning Educator License (BEL) level, and Experienced Educator License (EEL) level. Also, under the revised set of rules, the routes to an educator credential have been realigned into three “pathways” for greater clarity, and new options have been added to address existing needs. These pathways are: Approved Educator Preparation Program (AEPP), Demonstrated Competencies (DC), and Site-Based Licensing Plan (SBLP). Each certified educator is to develop and fulfill a 3-year individual professional development plan for the purposes of continuous professional growth and recertification. Successful completion of the plan leads to a recommendation for an upgrade of the license (from BEL to EEL) or for a renewal of the license (for EEL). For additional information about certification, please, consult the New Hampshire Department of Education.


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