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There are two types of teaching licenses for individuals seeking academic teaching opportunities in Tennessee schools: a Practitioner Teacher License and a Professional Teacher License. The practitioner license is an initial license, valid for three years and is issued to applicants who hold a bachelor’s degree, are enrolled in or have completed a preparation program approved by the State Board of Education, and who have verified content knowledge as defined in state board policy. An educator may add additional endorsements to a practitioner license. The practitioner license may be renewed once. The standard level license is the Professional Teacher License, issued for six (6) years upon completion of an approved educator preparation program and meeting specific licensure expectations and requirements at the practitioner level. An educator may add additional endorsements to a professional license. The professional license is renewable. For additional information about certification, please, consult the Office of Educator Licensing of the Tennessee Department of Education.

Web site: www.tn.gov/education/licensing.html

Contact name: Office of Educator Licensing

Contact phone number: (615) 532-4885

Contact email: [email protected]

Languages: ASL|Arabic|Chinese|French|German|Greek|Japanese|Latin|Russian|Spanish|Other


This is a list that the state maintains of approved credentialing programs. Use this list to search for credentialing programs that fit your needs. There is a search function on this list that displays approved programs by subject. Searchers can enter the language they desire and see results narrowed to their needs. The state may periodically change this list. Credential-seeking individuals must attend a program from this approved list to receive credentials in the state of Tennessee.  https://www.tn.gov/education/licensing/educator-preparation/educator-preparation-programs-provider.html

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