Alternative Route 3: For “Career Changers” with a Bachelor’s Degree (WA)

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This Alternative Route to Teacher Certification is designed for career changers who want to earn a residency teacher certificate. Compared to traditional educator preparation programs, Washington’s Alternative Routes tend to be shorter, more convenient, more affordable, and more practically oriented. Route 3 is designed for individuals with baccalaureate degrees, who are not employed in the district at the time of application and who are seeking residency teacher certification with a subject matter or geographic shortage area endorsement. Cohorts of candidates for this route attend a pre-residency intensive academy, followed by a full year engaged with a school district as a mentored resident intern while completing coursework. At least one attempt of the statewide basic skills exam and at least one attempt of the subject matter assessment are required to qualify for the program.

Language: ASL| Arabic| Chinese | Filipino|French|German|Greek|Hebrew|Italian | Japanese |Korean |Native American|Portuguese|Latin|Russian|Spanish|Swahili|Vietnamese|Other

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Last updated on: October 5, 2021
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