Alternative Route: Performance Review Program for Initial Licensure (PRPIL) (MA)

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The Performance Review Program for Initial Licensure (PRPIL) is a pathway to initial licensure for Massachusetts teachers who did not complete an educator preparation program before entering the classroom. Created in 2003, PRPIL was intended to open teacher licensure opportunities for mid-career individuals with prior work experience or content expertise by allowing them to demonstrate that they offer the same teaching competencies as other pre-professional license teachers without completing a preparation program. PRPIL requires teachers to document courses and experiences relevant to the Professional Standards for Teachers and complete the Massachusetts Candidate Assessment for Performance (CAP). Unlike other routes to initial licensure, teachers must have worked for three years in their licensure area under a preliminary license before they advance their license through PRPIL. As part of this route, teachers work with a mentor and instructional consultant to demonstrate their qualifications for an initial license.

Language: ASL|Arabic|Armenian|Chinese (Mandarin)|French|German|Greek|Irish|Italian|Japanese|Khmer|Latin|Portuguese|Russian|Spanish|Turkish|Other.

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Last updated on: September 28, 2021
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