Foreign Credentials Approach (Out-Of-Country) (MA)

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The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education considers educators to be prepared outside of the United States and eligible for the panel review when they possess a bachelor’s degree earned through a regionally accredited organization or the equivalent, and pass the Communication and Literacy Skills MTEL test. Applicants seeking licensure on the basis of foreign (non-U.S.) coursework and/or diplomas must provide the Office of Educator Licensure with a detailed equivalency report or course-by-course evaluation of any college-level credit completed. Independent evaluations must be made by a nationally recognized agency or an agency that is a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services.

Language: ASL|Arabic|Armenian|Chinese (Mandarin)|French|German|Greek|Irish|Italian|Japanese|Khmer|Latin|Portuguese|Russian|Spanish|Turkish|Other.

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Last updated on: September 28, 2021
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