Foreign Credentials Approach (Out-Of-Country) (WI)

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Educators who are prepared outside the United States may be eligible for an educator license in Wisconsin. Eligibility is determined based on the general requirements for a Wisconsin educator license: (1) applicants must have the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in education, or applicants must have the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree with teacher training and received a teacher certificate or credential, and (2) applicants must complete all Wisconsin testing requirements. Prospective applicants must first contact a professional evaluation service agency for an assessment of their credentials in terms of degree, course equivalence, and translation of course titles. If the credential evaluation does not verify the equivalent of bachelor’s degree in education or completion of teacher training program, but does verify a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in a subject area, applicants may be eligible for a Three-Year Short-Term Substitute License. Applicants who completed non-Wisconsin (including non-US) educator preparation programs are commonly issued a Wisconsin license with statutory stipulations. Additional coursework is required to remove the statutory stipulations before a regular license may be issued (see Statutory License Stipulations).

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Last updated on: September 27, 2021
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