Substitute Teaching in Lieu of Student Teaching Route (DE)

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This route is an option for a Delaware district or charter school to sponsor a prospective educator by submitting 91 days of district or charter school-evaluated substitute teaching experience, in one assignment, as an alternative to completing a formal student teaching program.  Prior approval by the Department of Education is required. To qualify for an initial license, the substitute teaching experience must be verified by the requesting human resources office and the educator must pass the relevant Praxis II in the content area requested.  Upon issuance of an Initial License and Emergency Certificate, the educator must complete an additional 15 semester credit hours of coursework in the content area (at least six of those credits must be in pedagogy) as determined by the LEA/Department agreement.  All required coursework must be completed within one year of the issue date of the License and certificates.

Language: ASL|Arabic|Chinese|French|German|Greek|Italian|Japanese|Latin|Spanish|Other

State Information
State: Delaware
Contact Name: Delaware Department of Education
Contact Phone: (302) 857-3388
Contact Email: [email protected]
For more information please visit the state website:

Last updated on: January 19, 2021
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