Teaching Permit (GA) 

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Permits are extendable certificates designed for individuals who qualify to teach in specific fields based on a combination of work experience, education, and assessment(s). Permit applicants must be employed by a Georgia LUA (or, Local Unit of Administration). The LUA must work with the applicant to create a Professional Learning Plan (PLP) detailing professional development that will be completed during the permit validity. Permits are valid for 3 years. The core qualifications for an initial permit in a foreign language field include a bachelor’s degree ohigher in the content area, and a passing score on the appropriate Georgia-endorsed language assessment. In languages for which both a Georgia-endorsed assessment and an ACTFL assessment are available, either is acceptable for issuance of a permit. Note that because permit holders have not completed an educator preparation program, a permit is not considered a professional certificate.  


Language: ASL|Arabic|Chinese (Mandarin)|Farsi|French|German|Greek|Hebrew|Hindi|Italian|Japanese|Korean|Latin|Portuguese|Russian|Spanish|Swahili|Turkish|Urdu

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State: Georgia
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For more information please visit the state website: https://www.gapsc.com/Certification/LicensesPermits/permit.aspx

Last updated on: May 19, 2021
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