Traditional Certification Route (WV)

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Institutions of higher education with traditional state-approved educator preparation programs will create an individualized plan, which is based upon the applicant’s qualifications and educational background. These programs may lead to a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or provide only the coursework required for licensure at the graduate level as part of a post-bachelor’s certification program. Individuals utilizing this route must fulfill requirements for criminal history checks, coursework (including a teacher performance assessment), testing, and a clinical experience to successfully complete the program and qualify for a Professional Teaching Certificate. Individuals enrolled in a traditional teacher preparation program who already possess a bachelor’s degree and qualifying grade point average may communicate with school districts to pursue employment if an area of critical need and shortage exists in the endorsement(s) they are working to become licensed for by seeking a First-Class Full-Time Permit to teach while they are completing program requirements.

Language: Mandarin|Farsi|Italian|Japanese|French|German|Latin|Russian|Spanish

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Last updated on: October 4, 2021
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