Transcript Analysis Route (including out of state/out of country) (MD)

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This route is particularly suited for career-changers, who do not have prior teaching experience, or those with foreign credentials. If the certification-seekers’ degrees are in the content area or a closely related field to the area for which they are seeking certification, they may send their transcripts to MSDE and have the certification specialists review those transcripts. Qualifying scores on the Basic Skills and Praxis Subject Assessment (content only) or ACTFL assessments (if a Praxis test for a specific language is unavailable) are required to qualify for the transcript analysis review.  Additional tests may be required for full professional certification but are not needed for an initial evaluation. Those with foreign credentials who want to qualify for a transcript review route must first obtain a course-by-course evaluation from a MSDE approved foreign evaluation agency​.

Language: Arabic|Chinese-Mandarin|French|German|Italian|Japanese|Latin|Portuguese|Russian|Spanish|Turkish|Korean

State Information
State: Maryland
Contact Name: Division of Educator Certification and Program Approval
Contact Phone: 410-767-0100
Contact Email: [email protected]
For more information please visit the state website:

Last updated on: November 13, 2020
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