Visiting Lecturer Certification (RI)

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The visiting lecturer certification route is available to those who have distinctive qualifications and unique capacity to enhance educational programs, and who have been offered a position in an RI school. The Visiting Lecturer Preliminary Certificate is a Preliminary Certificate and not Full Rhode Island Certification. Distinct qualifications may include demonstrated expertise in a professional field, significant recognitions and awards in a professional field, or exceptional contributions to a professional field. Supplemental work may include enhancing school/district initiatives and/or programs that draw upon the unique capacity or distinct qualifications of the individual. The Visiting Lecturer Preliminary Certification allows an individual to provide instruction to students alongside a certified educator in a specific secondary grade or all grade certification area. An individual cannot request a Visiting Lecturer Preliminary Certificate; only an employing agency may request the issuance of this certificate on behalf of an individual who has demonstrated distinct qualifications.

Language: ASL|French|German|Italian|Latin|Mandarin Chinese|Portuguese|Russian|Spanish

State Information
State: Rhode Island
Contact Name: Rhode Island Department of Education
Contact Phone: (401) 222-8893
Contact Email: [email protected]
For more information please visit the state website:

Last updated on: March 2, 2021
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