Certification Based on Teaching Experience (CT)

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Educators with full-time teaching experience in the grade level and subject appropriate to the endorsement requested may have the planned program requirement waived if an applicant has sufficient experience teaching in a charter, private, or other non-public school. To obtain Connecticut teacher certification based on teaching experience, educators must document no fewer than 20 school months of successful, appropriate full-time teaching experience within the same approved nonpublic school. However, all coursework, degree, testing and any experiential requirements must still be met.

Language: ASL|Arabic|French|German|Greek|Italian|Japanese|Latin|Chinese-Mandarin|Polish|Portugese|Russian|Spanish

State Information
State: Connecticut
Contact Name: Bureau of Certification
Contact Phone: 860-713-6969
Contact Email: [email protected]
For more information please visit the state website: https://portal.ct.gov/SDE/Certification/Non-Public-School-Educators-Seeking-Certification/Regulations

Last updated on: December 4, 2020
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