Licensure via Portfolio (MN)

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Minnesota offers a Licensure via Portfolio option for professionals who have a bachelor’s degree and substantial professional and life experience in a specific content area. Candidates must first submit an Eligibility Checklist to the Minnesota Department of Education. Candidates who are deemed eligible must complete a Notice of Intent to Submit before completing a professional portfolio, which will be evaluated by the Department of Education. Candidates must also pass the required National Evaluation Series (NES) Essential Academic Skills Test and the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations (MTLE). If the portfolio submitted is approved, candidates may submit an application for licensure and be issued a standard professional teaching license.

Language: ASL|Arabic|Chinese-Mandarin|French|German|Greek|Hebrew|Hmong|Italian|Japanese|Latin|Native American|Russian|Somali|Spanish|Other

State Information
State: Minnesota
Contact Name: Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board
Contact Phone: 651-539-420
Contact Email: [email protected]
For more information please visit the state website:

Last updated on: October 20, 2020
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